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The number of American workers quitting their jobs is hitting record highs, with 4.5 million people walking off the job in one month recently! Small businesses which once thought their groups were immune are being surprised in droves as key employees move on to new careers in what has been dubbed 'The Great Resignation' or 'The Big Quit'. The cost to the team left behind is immense –

"Fifty-five percent of Americans anticipate looking for a new job over the next 12 months..." – Fast Company
"When employees leave an organization, remaining teams often find themselves without key skillsets or resources, negatively impacting everything from quality of work... to bottom-line revenue." – HBR
"when good employees leave, productivity sinks... and colleagues struggle with increased workloads." – CIO

The good news? With a little help from ping you and your team can be prepared and avoid these pitfalls!

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why ping?

The best way to avoid the impacts of turnover or any other team outages (think vacation, illness, ...) is to capture the how-to of the various roles (aka job titles) in your organization. Once captured this how-to can be readily searched and shared making it possible for others to quickly and easily accomplish the tasks at hand.

Unfortunately, the old-school approaches to capture team know-how such as 'standard operating procedures' (SOPs) or other haphazard, random documentation are hard to create, static, and lacking. This reality causes most small businesses to do too little or nothing leaving them woefully unprepared for turnover and team outages! That is where ping comes in.

With ping, instead of a few people spending a lot of time generating soon to be outdated, hard-to-use information, your entire team helps create dynamic content breaking down the roles, responsibilities, and steps that define how your shop gets things done. Plus, ping makes the process even easier by automating communications to help you reach out to your team and get them involved!

As your unique knowledge base is built, that information is then easily searchable, shareable, and safeguarded to reap all of the benefits your new how-to playbook.

Best of all, ping makes it easy to see who the top contributors are, and where you may need to focus more attention to capture all your important how-tos.

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easy & team driven

Our unique approach builds your how-to guide without all the pain! Gone are the days of creating laborious, static documents that always seem out-of-date or inaccurate. ping incorporates all the "old school" information you want and then provides you a thoroughly modern, multimedia platform to add-to, update, and generally improve on the roles most important to you.


ping reaches out to your team to keep them in the loop about information still needed and know-how shared – making it easier for you to manage your team's involvement!

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anytime, anywhere

ping is fully cloud based which means you can now access your important how-to knowledge from your Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS devices.


Use ping's powerful search features to quickly find any information you might need. Then package up those useful snippets of information with "knowledge nugget" links to share with anyone inside or outside your organization by email, text... or however you want!

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easy oversight

Real time reporting shows the team's progress. See who's contributing the most, who might need help, and which postings are most popular.


Save time and effort capturing "who does what and how"

Empower team members to find answers on their own

Facilitate onboarding

Build and access your how-to information from anywhere

Increase employee engagement and motivation

Reduce turnover

Increase productivity

Make day-to-day interacting easier

Increase your business value!

Thinking about selling your business someday? ping offers a fast and efficient way to document your business processes so someone else can take over where you left off. With a ping capture of know-how, your business will appear safer to any potential buyers and thus much more valuable!

for everyone

Designed for all small and medium sized businesses and organizations with know-how to collect and protect

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plumber, contractor, carpet cleaner

personal services

hair salon, massage, fitness, spa, beauty


dealer, automotive repair, automotive parts

professional services

attorney, accountant, architect, finance, real estate, consulting, insurance

health & medical

dental, chiropractic, physical therapy, general medicine

Coming Soon - But wait there’s more! The ping team is busy mapping out additional functions utilizing your ping know-how that will bring incredible value to any organization including new products that will help you train, act, optimize, automate, document, and reach. So stay tuned…

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